Electronics + Water = Disaster

I always turn down buying warranties and I have a good track record for coming out ahead. So perhaps I was too smug with the cashier as I wrestled my then eighteen-month-old back into the stroller. “Oh no I don’t need a warranty for the cellphone, I never let him play with my phone”.

For the most part I’ve stuck to my guns and opted to inflict my children on innocent bystanders in restaurants and waiting rooms versus handing them my phone as a distraction. What I didn’t anticipate was my toddler putting an open water bottle in my purse only to be discovered hours later.


There was teasing moment of lit screen before all went dark. No YouTube videos and rice bags could save it. The phone was a decent model when bought but is definitely a few versions behind the times now. Buying something comparable would set me back about $600.

On the hunt for a fix

I decided to try to have it repaired. I first tried one local repair shop and after paying for an assessment and professional-drying I was told “it can’t be saved.” Another repair shop at least gave me a quote of $300- if they could bring it back to life. To which everyone in my life told me “its not worth it”. New and shiny wouldn’t be that much more and I could recycle my old phone guilt-free.

We are a throwaway society and I’m sad every time repair pros tell me to send something to the dump, not because they can’t fix it but because I can get a new one for a similar price.


Moment of reckoning

I ultimately decided to go ahead with trying the phone repair. Thankfully it worked. Since it’s water damaged, no warranty on the work was offered. This time however, I was slightly less smug as I wrestled my three-year-old and one-year old out the door. As I left, I assured the cashier that I’d try to keep my water bottle out of their reach from now on.

Failing that, I guess next time I’ll be shopping for a waterproof model.