No Sock Sorting

I don’t think anyone has noticed but I’ve been wearing the same pair of socks for the last two years.  Okay only kinda. The cashier did chuckle though when I walked to the counter with one dozen individual pairs of mid-weight navy women’s socks and another dozen individual pairs of men’s white socks for hubby.

Minimalism isn’t only about having less, its also about simplifying and turning down the stress in other ways.  Yes, as the chief laundry doer in my house, mismatched socks were a source of stress. There always seemed to be a loner sock that had to be put aside for its pair to appear. And how long should you hang on to the loner before admitting the other sock is simply lost forever to the dyer vortex?

I now spend zero time sorting my socks. An extra sock just means it’ll wait around until the next load of clean laundry. Granted I can no longer express my individualism and personality through my socks.  I actually really enjoy playful socks that say to the world ‘I don’t take myself too seriously’.

No Christmas or St Patty’s socks either. The trade off in terms of no sorting is so worth it.

My little ones have some seriously cute socks and I hope there will be no permanent damage to their development but I’m transitioning their sock drawers to identical socks too.  Neither kid can seem to keep a sock on for a day’s duration.


I’m literally at ten socks without pairs for my toddler and tired of looking at mismatched socks on his feet. So goodbye truck and race car socks and hello a little more sanity for momma.

Author: Bronwyn@ Small House Big City

Small House Big City blogger on minimalism.

4 thoughts on “No Sock Sorting”

  1. Another great post. So, avoid waste with those mismatched socks and start another trend. Have your toddler wear random footwear to express his individuality whilst avoiding the refuse bin for single socks. He can choose the mismatches he wants to wear each day. At least until he grows out of them and his younger sibling takes the hand-me-downs to carry on the tradition. And yes, socks of the same colour are a better choice from the outset.


    1. Yes, we’ll definitely be phasing them out slowly and donating those we can once outgrown. With colder weather it was time to buy some that went above the ankles – surprisingly hard to find monotone socks for toddlers though.


  2. I love this. It seems like a little thing, but it really makes a difference.
    I am transitioning to all black socks over time as pairs wear out.
    Have you noticed how hard it is to find plain socks for littlies?! Now my son is 6 I am finding there options, when he was smaller I couldn’t really find anything.


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