Energy Hog Arrives at the Minimalists

After 5 years of line drying almost everything with occasional trips to the laundromat we’ve finally caved and bought a dryer.  Part of our family’s minimalist journey is a recognition that more stuff is really not great for the environment. That couldn’t be more true than with the arrival of our first-ever dryer aka the energy hog.

Our first year in the home it seemed doable if unconventional in North America to not have a dryer. But two cloth-diapered babies later, I was starting to dread the idea of another winter of loading myself up with big blue Ikea bags full of towels, nappies and bedding while one handed pushing the double stroller to the laundromat.

I still hope to mostly hang dry and haven’t even bothered hooking the machine up three days post arrival but we’ll see how long we can resist the temptation to reduce our domestic workload. While the machine continues to sit idle for now, the babes are enjoying the arrival of the big cardboard box which so far has been a rocket ship, cave, ocean, fire hall, house and nap space (for both kids and hubby).